Support for a self guided visit, pre and post visit suggestions

AGSA's exhibition displays in our permanent collection can change often and with little notice. Currently we have over 100 education resources for works of art in the collection but not all of these works will be on display. We want you to get the best out of your visit and suggest reading our tips for planning your self-guided session and prioritise long looking combined with critical thinking questions using our Curiosity Cards.

Below we have complied a selection of resources, talks, videos and curator insights for each exhibition space to support you further with your visit. These may help you to devise a rough journey through the gallery spaces and prepare some post learning activities for your classroom. We have also included a map of the Gallery and link to our Accessible Audio Guide, you may find the plain English version suitable for young visitors.

If there is a particular artist in our collection you are interested in you can use the search function on this website to see if we have a resource on them. To check that a work of art is on display, use our online collection database and select 'on display'.

Facade, Courtyard, Vestibule and Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Installation view: Elder Wing of Australian Art
Gallery 4
Gallery 5

We recommend going through the archway into Gallery 17 to view Reno Rennie's installation OA CAMO.

Gallery 6 & 7

Please note, Naomi Hobson's ceramic work is on display in Gallery 6, not her painting and photography work.

Gallery 12
Gallery 13
Gallery 14
Galery 15
Gallery 16
Gallery 17
Gallery 18
Gallery 19, 20 & 21
Gallery 21