Inspired by her direct environment and ongoing connection to Country

Naomi Hobson is a Southern Kaantju/Umpila woman who lives in Coen, a small town of 360 people in the centre of Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland. A multidisciplinary artist, she regularly works across the mediums of painting, ceramics and photography. Inspired by her direct environment, Hobson’s works express her ongoing connection to Country and her ancestors’ ties and relationships with their traditional lands.

Through her work, she references her family’s political and social engagements as well as her own personal engagement with her Country and community. In Hobson’s recent photographic series Adolescent Wonderland, on display in Open Hands, she is working to empower young people in her community, to encourage them to be themselves and to celebrate their uniqueness. Through this process, more young people in her community have taken up photography.

Today photography needs to push the boundary. I feel it doesn’t need to be picture perfect and as a fine art – I’m using the medium to tell real stories that I feel don’t get told or haven’t been told. I want people to see who our youth really are; fun, playful, smart, savvy, proud, adventurous and witty
Naomi Hobson

Getting Started

Bring Naomi Hobson into the classroom

installation view: Tarnanthi 2020: Open Hands featuring works from the series Adolescent Wonderland (Revisited) by Naomi Hobson, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; photo: Saul Steed.

Celebrating young people and community

Bernadette Klavins interviews Naomi Hobson

Naomi Hobson, Southern Kaantju/Umpila people, Queensland, born 1978, Coen, Queensland, OMG! “OMG! This is actually heavier than it looks!” Alaina., from the series Adolescent Wonderland, 2019, Coen, Queensland, digital print on paper, 81.0 x 110.0 cm; Courtesy the artist and Redot Fine Art Gallery, © Naomi Hobson/Redot Fine Art Gallery.

Adolescent Wonderland

Making and responding activities

Naomi Hobson, Southern Kaantju/Umpila people, Queensland, born 1978, Coen, Queensland, Touch the River Floor, 2019, Coen, Queensland, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 205.5 x 209.5 cm; Acquisition through Tarnanthi: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art supported by BHP 2019, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, © Naomi Hobson/ReDot Fine Art Gallery.

Country and Colour

Making and responding activities