Elle is Assistant Curator of Australian Paintings and Sculpture. She previously worked at the Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, where she developed a strong interest in mid-twentieth-century Australian sculpture. Elle holds a master’s degree in Curatorial and Museum Studies and a graduate diploma in Art History from the University of Adelaide.

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When displaying her work for exhibition, Beckett grouped her works in themes, which was quite different from the usual way artists hung their work. The present moment has been thematically displayed around the shifts in time that chart the chronology of one single day. What are some other thematic ways the works of art in this exhibition could have been displayed?

Imagine Dušan and Voitre Marek: Surrealists at sea was to tour regionally throughout Australia. However, only 5 works of art can go on the road. Which 5 works would you select and why?

Write a new wall label for your favourite work of art by either Dušan or Voitre Marek.

How do the sound and visual effects in the exhibition enhance the works you see on the walls? Select a work of art by Dušan or Voitre Marek and pair a contemporary and historical piece of music to accompany it. Why did you make your selections?

Research a single Australian artist of your choosing and create a hypothetical exhibition of that artist’s work. Create a tableaux or mood board that illustrates the works of art you selected for the exhibition as well as any additional audio or visual components.

Voitre Marek, Australia, 1919 - 1999, My Gibraltar, 1948, on board the SS Charlton Sovereign, oil on board, 29.0 x 20.5 cm; d'Auvergne Boxall Bequest Fund 1996, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, © Estate of Voitre Marek.

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Dušan Marek, Australia, 1926 - 1993, Analysis of substance, 1952, Kings Cross, Sydney, oil on canvas, 36.5 x 88.2 cm; Purchased with the assistance of James Agapitos OAM and Ray Wilson OAM 2007 National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, © Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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