This education resource highlights six artists who feature in Tarnanthi 2021. It can be used as a starting point in the classroom for students to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures or as a companion to your Gallery visit.

Tarnanthi at AGSA presents dozens of individual works and collaborative projects from around the country, forming a nationwide survey of up-to-the-minute contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. These are works of artistic excellence, creative daring and ground-breaking innovation.

These making and responding suggestions have been created as a starting point for teachers to develop units of work. The activities link to the key themes within each artist’s work and provide ideas that relate to the world of your students. Through this, students are invited to explore and compare cultural knowledge, beliefs and practices and develop multiple perspectives. These activities have been created as a starting point for teachers to develop units of work for students

Hear about Tarnanthi, Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at AGSA from Nici Cumpston, Tarnanthi Artistic Director and Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, and Dr Lisa Slade, Assistant Director, Artistic Programs.

On a map of Australia, locate where each of the artists featured in Tarnanthi 2021 is from. You might begin with the artists highlighted in this resource: Nyunmiti Burton, Maree Clarke, Julie Gough, Teho Ropeyarn, John Prince Siddon and Kaylene Whiskey.

Take a look at this map of Australia which shows the location of artists who have been involved in Tarnanthi from 2015 - 21.

Explore the Tarnanthi Children's Trails which includes a curated selection of activities from the education resources which you can facilitate in the Gallery with your students, no preparation required. You will need a sketchbook and pencil which you can collect for free from The Studio.

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Nyunmiti Burton with Kungkarangkalpa – Seven Sisters, 2020, Adelaide

Nyunmiti Burton

Large-scale canvas depicting Country and Tjukurpa in bold swathes of colour

Maree Clarke

A practice about building community and passing cultural knowledge to the next generation

Julie Gough

Working with archives – investigating, gathering and analysing historical records.

Teho Ropeyarn, Angkamuthi/Yadhaykana (Northern Cape York) people, Queensland, born Mount Isa, Queensland 1988, Ayarra (rainy season), 2021, Cairns, Queensland, vinyl‑cut print on paper, 150.0 x 230.0 cm © Teho Ropeyarn/Onespace Gallery, Brisbane

Teho Ropeyarn

Large scale prints that are bold statements celebrating the power and strength of Injinoo culture

John Prince Siddon

Psychedelic compositions and techni-colour tones

Kaylene Whiskey

Brightly coloured comic-strip style paintings featuring strong women

Tarnanthi is presented by the Art Gallery of South Australia with Principal Partner BHP and support from the Government of South Australia

The Gallery’s Learning programs are supported by the Department for Education.

This education resource has been developed and written in collaboration Dr. Belinda Howden, Kylie Neagle and Dr. Lisa Slade.