Discover alternative ways you can engage students with drawing and learn how to use drawing as a means of practicing looking with purpose.

Artist presenters Annalise Rees and Luke Thurgate will suggest ways of thinking through drawing, with an emphasis on mark making, positive and negative space, value and the importance of practice.

You will need:

  • 8 A4 sheets cartridge paper, newspaper/brown paper
  • Drawing materials (pencils, charcoal, ink, watercolour etc)
  • Black fineliner/biro
  • 2 different coloured markers
  • Objects to draw found around the home (Kitchen utensils, still life objects, bottles, jars, ornaments, figurines, toys, vessels etc)
  • Fabric or foil
  • Shoe box or cardboard box that your objects can fit inside
  • Torch or lamp (you can also use the torch on your phone)
  • Scissors

Warm up

Look at a work of art for 1 minute. Write down as many words you can think of in response to this work. Share your responses with others by playing a round robin, take turns sharing a different word.

The continuous line drawing and mark making activities can be found in our resource 10 Ways of Thinking Through Drawing below.

Annalise Rees Workshop

Luke Thurgate Workshop

Teacher examples

Keep sending your examples through to us, we would love to continue to add to this gallery. You may also like to submit any student examples for the AGSA Student Gallery.