Layered paintings inspired by artist Naomi Hobson, Kaantju people

Considering the prompts outlined in our ‘Using artists as a starting point’ flow chart, art teacher Kari Doyle focused on Kaantju artist Naomi Hobson. Hobson is inspired by her culture, the traditional lands of her ancestors surrounding the town of Coen in Queensland and paints her personal space where she feels most comfortable. With these themes and Hobson’s layering process as a starting point, Kari explored memories and mark making with her students. 

“We started drawing memories and family stories with crayon, then added oil pastel and water colour paints. Each lesson the students added another layer using different mediums and techniques including shapes with white paint, we also made our own foam stamps and added highlights using paint sticks”. - Kari Doyle 

Works of art by Reception and Year 1 students

Kari Doyle attended our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art in the Classroom where she learnt strategies for responding to artist's work in a meaningful and culturally appropriate way. See our Educator page for details about our next workshop.