Across the year, here you can find key dates, meeting agendas and minutes, and other bits and pieces including:

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Dates for your 2023 diary - including two event planning days, events and after school meetings
  • Introduction to Neo and the Ambassador Committee
  • Permission Form that covers: NAC Permission, Medical Emergencies & Image Release. If any of details change across the year including contact number or email, please send an email to and/or

If you have any queries, concerns or if you no longer wish to participate as a member of the 2023 Neo Ambassador Committee, please contact:

Dani Reynolds
Teen Programs Officer, AGSA
08 7085 1645

Tyson Hopprich
Teen Programs Officer, AGSA
08 7085 1662

Meeting Minutes and Agenda

After each meeting, here are the notes to stay up to date.

Minutes by Jojo

  • Video games were good
  • Typewriting station could have had more support fixing mechanical issues
  • Really good vibes :3
  • Bands and drag were good
  • Food engagement in the Studio
  • Rest area was good


  • Code for ambassadors to access photos
  • Working with iPads for digital works – zine, comic, etc
  • Superheros costume theme – include idols, heroes?
  • Facepainting
  • Spray Painting? Would need to discuss where stafe would be if not on grass
  • Bands
    • Matchmakers?
    • Babyteeth? Might be unavailable
    • DJ (base 10/ rhyme recitals)
    • OCTALGIA 🤯
  • Food
    • Google form to be sent out with options?
    • Cheesy St?
  • Activations
    • Maybe no karaoke? Or maybe move it to somewhere less distracting to the rest of the event
    • Badgemaking
    • Photo booth – more superhero props

Next meeting on Wednesday 20 September 4.30-5.30pm in the Function Room.

Minutes taken by Matilda

- Intro to Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution with Tansy Curtin
- Neo SALA Theme
- Music Ideas
- Food
- Ideas to engage people in Frida & Diego


  • Frida & Diego – Love & Revolution exhibition themes: turbulent political, social and cultural change, Mexicanismo, new ways of seeing, love family and friends, home and heart, self
  • Neo SALA exhibition theme ideas: bright colours, floral, cottagecore(?)
  • NO DRAWING ACTIVITIES (people could instead engage w/ exhibition space in other ways such as treasure hunt, mini portraits)
  • Aimed @ younger demographic (outdoor games on lawn, ball games)
  • Food (mexican?, flatbreads, food to be sensory friendly and hygienic, quesadillas, corn chips, gelato/ice cream – may be better for Oct event, snow cones, fairy floss?, hot chocolate – w/ alternate milk options)
  • Music (Felix Mir – OCTANGLE!!!, HTO (half time oranges), violet harlot? Strawberry jam – too big a cross over with Nonnie, smaller bands, school ensembles, mums favourite?
  • TICKETING SYSTEM CHANGE – SECURITY CRACKDOWN We are moving to Eventbrite for the next event, fingers crossed it will go smoother!

Next meeting: day to be decided please see poll in email

Minutes taken by Lily

  • Debrief of 1 April Event
  • Intro to Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution
  • Brainstorm time!
    • Neo Iconic (24 June)
    • Neo SALA Exhibition
  • Debrief on Neo Teen Takeover: Supersaturate
    • Over 650 guests! (Congrats this is huge).
    • Security: talk to staff & security if anything occurs.
    • Workshops went well.
    • Badge making at the back of the café was more manageable.
    • Sense of community at event allowing patrons to feel safe.
    • Quiet space was good but not well advertised or obvious.
    • Map for next event? QR Code?
    • Security measures:
      • ID and bag checks
      • Stamps and/or wristbands
      • Fence jumping
      • Duty of care factors affect what can be done as well as security
    • Insta posts with info around bag size/ID checks etc.
    • Bigger bins/recycling.
    • Making environment more comfortable for younger audience.
    • Reconsider food options:
      • Accommodate vegan/veggo, food allergies, GF, neurodiverse, etc.
      • Are they using gloves
    • Accessibility of gallery – floors can be slippery.
    • Felt more like a concert than an arts event
  • Next Event: Neo Iconic 24 June
    • Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution
      • Event will be on the first day of the exhibition
      • Bright colours
      • Florals
      • Textiles
      • Murals
      • Painting
      • Love
      • Passion
      • Politics
    • Activity Ideas!
      • Tote Bag painting with Ruby Chew
      • Clothes Swap and Mending with Carly Snoswell
      • Nature Prints – using leaves/flowers to print with
      • Flower Pressing
      • QR Code Scavenger Hunt (could be good for August event, Neo Games)
      • Photo Booth with Greenery Background
      • Face Painting
  • Neo SALA Exhibition, we need to lock in a theme – will be showcased at Neo Games in August
  • Neo Games Aug 19 Ideas
    • Lazer Tag – Jojo to look into
    • Tower Building with cardboard boxes
    • Could test games at Hothouse in July
  • Neo music programming committee?

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2 May 4.30-5.30pm in the Function Room

Minutes: Taken by Sjaida

  • Next event 1st of April! Neo Teen Takeover: Supersaturate - SA Youth Week and Andy Warhol exhibition focus
  • Debrief on Neo Upside Down 11/02/2023
    • We should allocate jobs for setting up before the day so we know what to do
    • Quiet Space: 
      • Some people found it hard to find the quiet spot - make more signage for it to let people know that it is a quiet space
      • There was some sound bleed / it was a bit loud - maybe we need to position further into gallery
  • Some complaints about the food (not having utensils ect )to eat. Switch up the food every few Neo’s so there is more options within the budget. Everyone agrees to book Cheesy St in for the Takeover.
  • Lots of people enjoyed the event - 4.6/5 rating
  • What we found in the surveys - most people find out through word of mouth and friends
  • Most people find out using Instagram (maybe make more posts about neo?) 99% said that they would attend another neo.
  • If you know any groups (dance groups, bands, other performance arts) let them know that they can perform at Neo!
  • Have a DJ and make a dance floor!!🕺💃🕺💃 (maybe near the end of the night)
  • Maybe try and switch up the Neo meeting times (things are a bit busy on Tuesday - alternate between Monday and Tuesday meetings?)
  • Kind of hard to set up the lawn games and equipment.
  • A retro theme! To accompany the Any Warhol exhibition :)
  • Charlie Watt is giving around some free passes to her show! She is also maybe free to perform at the next event
  • Activity ideas!
    • Face painting
    • A collage making station
    • Making protest signs
    • LAZER TAG 🔫 - maybe too expensive? Jojo to look into.

Roster: Everyone: please edit with your shifts ready for Neo Upside Down:
Minutes: Taken by Felix

  • This Saturday: Arrive at 4:30pm if you want to set up (meet in Function Room), otherwise you have to come with everyone else at 6pm
  • Everyone: Email an ID photo to Bernadette (it gives you 10% discount on the shop plus some ticketed shows !!! )
  • Everyone: Permission forms need to be signed by parents and returned to Bernadette before Saturday
  • Everyone: Meet for group photo at 7.30pm on the night
  • Bring feedback to meetings if you saw anything (what worked well, what didn’t etc)
  • Karaoke in gallery 9, darker spaces work best - Jamie
  • Badge making in café area – set up by AGSA café counter - Oona
  • Group photo at 7.30pm on the night
  • Sign-making before the event on the night 
  • Neo Instagram is only for neo related posts !!!!
  • Bernadette: Wipe TikTok page, share log-in details for Tik Tok and Instagram ready for this weekend
  • Aurora: Send Bernadette Escher template to print ready for Saturday
  • Next meeting: Schedule for posting at the next meeting, discuss Zachary’s workshop idea

Key Dates

Including Neo events, two planning days and after school meetings.

2023 Calendar
Event Date Time Location Notes
Summer Hot House Wed 25 Jan 10am-3pm Radford Auditorium Lunch provided. Please bring a water bottle. More details provided in the New Year.
Meeting Tue 7 Feb 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Finalise Neo Upside Down planning
Neo Upside Down Sat 11 Feb 6-8:30pm Set up from 4.30pm
Meeting Mon 27 Feb 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Teen Takeover: Supersaturate planning
Meeting Tue 21 Mar 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Teen Takeover: Supersaturate planning
Meeting Tue 28 Mar 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Teen Takeover: Supersaturate planning
Neo Teen Takeover: Supersaturate Sat 1 Apr 6-8:30pm Set up from 4.30pm
Meeting Tue 11 Apr 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Iconic planning
Meeting Tue 2 May 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Iconic planning
Meeting Mon 22 May 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Iconic planning
Meeting Tue 13 Jun 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Iconic planning
Meeting Tue 20 Jun 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Iconic planning
Neo Iconic Sat 24 June 6-8.30pm Set up from 4.30pm
Meeting Mon 3 July 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo Iconic debrief
Winter Hot House Wed 12 Jul 10am-3pm Lunch provided. Please bring a water bottle.
Meeting Tues 1 Aug 4.30-5.30pm Radford Auditorium Neo Games Planning
Meeting Tues 15 Aug 4.30-5.30pm Radford Auditorium Neo Games Sign Making
Neo Games Sat 19 Aug 6-8.30pm Set up from 4.30pm
Meeting Wed 30 Aug 4.30-5.30pm Radford Auditorium Neo Games Debrief + Teen Takeover planning
Meeting Wed 20 Sept 4.30-5.30pm Radford Auditorium Teen Takeover Planning
Meeting Tues 10 Oct 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Teen Takeover Planning
Meeting Tues 24 Oct 4.30-5.30PM Function Room Sign Making
Neo Teen Takeover Sat 28 Oct 6-8.30pm Set up from 4.30pm
Meeting Tues 31 Oct 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Teen Takeover Debrief + Neo In Colour Planning
Meeting Tues 21 Nov 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Neo In Colour Planning
Meeting Tues 5 Dec 4.30-5.30pm Function Room Sign Making
Neo In Colour Sat 9 Dec 6-8.30pm Set up from 4.30pm

Permission Forms

To officially join the NAC, you need permission from your parent or guardian to accept this offer and to communicate with AGSA staff. Your parent/guardian must complete and sign the forms and submit below by Monday 9 January 2023.

Neo is a free event exclusively for young people aged 13-17 years. Presented 6 times a year, Neo is a festival-style event curated in response to AGSA’s latest exhibitions, featuring live music, performance, artist-led workshops and social activities.

Neo is presented by The Balnaves Foundation. Since 2016, Neo has welcomed over 12,000 teens to the Art Gallery of South Australia.

The Neo Ambassadors are a volunteer committee of young people aged 13 to 17, who are vital to the development and presentation of AGSA's flagship program for teens, Neo. The Ambassadors are recruited annually from around South Australia, with each member being involved in layers of the program, from idea generation, to being hands on in the delivering of exciting and inclusive events for their peers at AGSA.

As a Neo Ambassador you will:

  • Advise and support the development and presentation of Neo
  • Help discover new ways of connecting diverse young people across South Australia
  • Work with AGSA staff and artists to co-produce and promote programs that enable young people to actively connect with art, artists and AGSA onsite, online and on tour

  • To act with respect for others at all times
  • Attend and actively contribute to meetings every 3 to 4 weeks (in person or via Zoom) with Teen Programs Officer Bernadette Klavins
  • Meetings occur at least once per month and usually take place on Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 4.30-5.30pm
  • Participate in 2 days of professional development across the Summer and Winter School Holidays
  • Attend and contribute to at least three Neo events a year
  • Participate in optional opportunities and activities throughout the year; including opportunities to run guided tours at Neo and Start events, develop and present workshops at Neo, take part in media interviews, or contribute to Neo’s zine

Being a part of the Neo Ambassador Committee provides invaluable opportunities to develop new skills and experiences such as:

  • Professional development opportunities including:
    • Event management
    • Public Program development
    • Public speaking
    • Leadership experience
    • Evaluation and reporting
    • Marketing and promotion (including print and social media)
    • Budgeting
  • Be part of a committed professional team of passionate young arts advocates
  • Behind-the-scenes access to the AGSA collection and latest exhibitions
  • Exclusive experiences with AGSA Curators, Producers and Educators
  • Meet exhibiting artists and cultural leaders
  • Receive discounts and freebies, including a 10% discount to the Gallery Store and AGF+ W
  • Invitations to special events
  • 10% discount at the Gallery Store with the presentation of your AGSA ID card
  • 10% discount at AGF+W with the presentation of your AGSA ID card.
  • Free entry to all paid exhibitions when presenting your AGSA ID card.

To receive your AGSA ID card you will be inducted as a Gallery Volunteer at our first meeting. As a Gallery Volunteer you will also be invited to special tours, previews and volunteer events throughout the year.

Please upload a portrait photo that can be used for your Volunteer ID Card -

Presented by

  • The Balnaves Foundation