Line paintings inspired by Pitjantjatjara artist Betty Muffler

Betty Muffler grew up at the Ernabella Mission in Pukatja in the APY Lands, following the displacement and death of family members in the aftermath of the British nuclear testing at Maralinga and Emu Field in the middle of last century. Witnessing the devastation of country and surviving this experience motivates her recurring depiction of healing sites, and the intensity of her connection to these places is the subject of her paintings entitled Ngangkari Ngura (Healing Country). When the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19 in early 2020, artist Betty Muffler painted to heal herself, her people and her Country.

Year 5 students at Pinnacle College, Elizabeth East Campus were happy to be back at school after Covid restrictions were lifted. They enjoyed exploring the work of Betty Muffler and responding to her work using a variety of mark making techniques that focused on line. Students created collaborative monochromatic paintings that celebrated the school and it's community returning to campus. - Teacher, Selen Morkoc, Students: Mikail, Diana, Abbas, Faria, Adn, Alaa, Amy, Ateeb Burak, Daniel ,Farwa, Hadiya, Uzair, Waqar, Zaby, Serene, Taylan, Banin, Sali, Sadiya

Betty Muffler Education Resource

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