Naomi Hobson is a Southern Kaantju/Umpila woman who lives in Coen, a small town of 360 people in the centre of Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland. A multidisciplinary artist, she regularly works across the mediums of painting, ceramics and photography. Inspired by her direct environment, Hobson’s works express her ongoing connection to Country and her ancestors’ ties and relationships with their traditional lands.

Year 4/5 students looked at the photography of Southern Kaantju/Umpila artist Naomi Hobson, focussing on her 'Adolescent Wonderland' series that highlighted the people in her community. Students used iPads and took photos of their own school community at work and at play. Students had to look at the framing of their subject, the angle and keep the photo in focus. 

Using PicCollage, students used a filter to make their photo black and white, then used another copy of the same photo to edit and cut out the background and placed it on top of the subject in colour. They had to manipulate the image so the size and angle of the subject matched perfectly. 

An important part of the whole process was the discussion around taking photos with consent. Students had to ask permission of their subjects if it was ok to take their photo, if no consent, then no photo was taken. In an age when people think it's ok to take photos or record strangers without permission then post on social media, it's important to teach our students from an early age about consent.

 - Lisa Zappia, Visual Arts Teacher, West Lakes Shore