Be inspired by Naomi Hobson's Adolescent Wonderland

Inspired by her direct environment and ongoing connection to country, Naomi Hobson’s Adolescent Wonderland, first displayed as part of Tarnanthi’s Open Hands exhibition, is a series of photographs that tell the real-life story of young Aboriginal people in remote Australia.

Where’s your wonderland? Capture who you really are; your everyday and your community through photography as Adolescent Wonderland tours 12 regional galleries in South Australia from December 2021 until October 2023.

Naomi Hobson, Southern Kaantju/Umpila people, Queensland, born Coen, Queensland 1978, Super Hero Boy “I'm waiting for Bernard to come pick me up on his bike we going trick or treating, I got some lollies but it's not enough.” Gordon Jr., from the series Adolescent Wonderland (Revisited), 2020, Coen, Queensland, digital print on paper, 81.0 x 110.0 cm; Courtesy the artist and Redot Fine Art Gallery, © Naomi Hobson/Redot Fine Art Gallery.

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Ngintaka Donovan, My wonderland looks pretty good with my sisters. I feel happy and strong with my family near me.

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