Colleen Raven Strangways’ commitment to activism and cultural recognition is channelled through her photography. The images she creates emerge from a deep-rooted longing to capture the essence of Aboriginal culture, while amplifying narratives of resilience and magnificence in her community.

An Arabana, Mudbura, Gurindji and Warlpiri woman, she is influenced in her life and work by the unwavering strength of First Nations women and by her pioneering father. In this latest series of portraits, she embarks on a mission to shed light on the tales of First Nations elders, who embody a wealth of wisdom, profound cultural connections and deep knowledge of sacred songlines.

This project is supported by Tarnanthi Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art in partnership with Ballarat International Foto Biennale.


Colleen Raven Strangways
Arabana/Mudbura/Gurindji/Warlpiri peoples, South Australia/Northern Territory


Wheelchair access for front gallery only.

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