Tarnanthi Exhibition

A darker shade of dark #1 – 4 is an immersive video installation and sensory experience by Kudjla/Gangalu artist Daniel Boyd.

Boyd’s use of painted dots functions as a metaphor for lensing and the corrosive effects of time and memory. In A darker shade of dark #1 – 4, Boyd has shifted his focus to the exploratory world of astrophysics: dark matter, particle physics and indeterminate cosmologies. Using shimmering and shifting fields of animated dots, the four-channel, floor-to-ceiling projection reframes dark matter as a metaphor for comprehension – what cannot, is not and will not be seen.

A darker shade of dark #1 – 4 is an Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia, exhibition presented in association with the 2015 Adelaide Film Festival.