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Ready to get your hands stuck into some clay? South Australian artist Cassie Thring will show you all the tips and techniques you need to make your own sculptural creations.

In this 90 minute workshop, Cassie will introduce you to sculpting with raku clay, and help you develop the hand building techniques of coiling and slab work.

Across the workshop you'll make 2-3 clay forms, inspired by the sculptural artworks featured in this years SALA Exhibition at AGSA, including Tom Moore's fantastical creatures, and Margaret Dodd's ceramic Holden car sculptures.

What do I need?

We’ll mail you your own free clay kit!

In this special workshop kit, you'll receive:

  • 1kg of clay
  • 1x basic clay tool
  • 1x sponge
  • The latest issue of our teen zine Neon
  • Blank notebook ready for your ideas
  • A note from the Teen Ambassadors

You'll also need to prepare:

  • Create a Zoom account and download the app
  • A desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone with working audio and video
  • A space on a table
  • 1x plastic container filled with water
  • 1x kitchen butter knife for cutting
  • 1x old tea towel
  • 1x wooden rolling pin
  • Apron (optional)

Set yourself up, tune in and have fun! You can ask questions as you go and share your work with the rest of the group.

Meet the Artist

Cassie Thring is an Adelaide based visual artist working across disciplines with a genuine determination to play with ideas and ways of making. Her work reflects an interest in the unknown outer edges of life that, albeit often treacherous, are worthy of inquiry. Drawing upon the overwhelming sorrows and riches of life, the artist becomes both maker and explorer. Thring finds herself pushed into uncharted spaces in an earnest search for the meaning in the uncertainty of life's’ adventures.

Check out more of Cassie's work on Instagram.