Born and raised in Adelaide, Kate Bohunnis (b.1990) is a South Australian artist known for producing pared back yet large-scale sculptural installations. Although Bohunnis was trained as a printmaker, and worked predominantly in screen-printing and linocut for several years, in 2017, during her studies at Flinders University, she shifted her focus to metal fabrication. The transition from two to three dimensions marked the beginning of Bohunnis’ deep engagement with ideas of ‘productive difference’ and ‘the power of uncertainty’ – metaphysical concepts developed by twentieth century French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. For Bohunnis, moving objects off the wall and into the room was a material method of working with states of uncertainty and unknowing. “Productive difference is about purposefully disarming yourself from the things you know, the things you’re good at. It’s not about creating chaos; it is about trying to create productive change.”[1]

[1] Kate Bohunnis, unpublished interview by Belinda Howden, Adelaide, 5 July, 2021, 17:44.

Getting to know Kate Bohunnis

Installations, wax, silicone, linen, leather and latex

Kate Bohunnis, born 1990, edges of excess, 2020, Adelaide, stainless steel, aluminium, silicone, electronic mechanism, computer software program, wood, 440.0 x 180.0 x 38.0 cm; Courtesy of the artist, © Kate Bohunnis, photo: Sam Roberts.

Edges of excess

Stainless-steel, flesh-coloured silicone and familial history

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Podcasts and Interviews

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