Imagine if a work of art were to make a sound. What sound would it make? Is it a loud or quiet work of art? Is it happy or sad? What is it made from? What would it feel like if you were to touch it?

Students will experiment with materials and explore visual conventions in this hands-on workshop. With an emphasis on process, students will work independently and collaboratively and create ephemeral compositions and soundscapes in response to a variety of works of art on display.

90 minutes

All materials provided

$350 per class group, $270 per equity or country class group

Term 2, 2024 Dates

Monday 20 May, Booked Out

Tuesday 21 May, Booked Out

Wednesday 22 May, Booked Out

Thursday 23 May, Booked Out

Friday 24 May, Booked Out

Term 4, 2024 Dates

Monday 4 November, 10am & 12pm

Tuesday 5 November, 10am & 12pm

Wednesday 6 November, 10am & 12pm

Thursday 7 November, 10am & 12pm

Friday 8 November, 10am & 12pm

Recommended for R - Year 6