Discover works of art through sound

Imagine if a work of art were to make a sound. What sound would it make? See and listen to our video to discover what sounds we thought this work of art might make.

Your turn!

Find your favourite work using our online collection.

Is it a loud or quiet work of art? Is it happy or sad? What is it made from? What would it feel like if you were to touch it? Considering these things, now imagine if it could make a sound, what sound would it make? Create a soundscape for this work of art using materials and objects from around your home.

Time to play with colour

Collect a range of colourful objects around your home to create an ephemeral (temporary) work of art.


Using exactly the same objects create a different work of art.

Play, colour and sound unite

Create a soundscape for your work of art - experiment with different objects to make a variety of sounds. If you have access to a device, record your sounds using an application such as Keezy. Remix your sounds to create a unique soundscape with overlapping sounds!


What was your inspiration? Which sounds didn't work? What are you going to try next and why?