Join Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara artist and Tarnanthi Guest Educator, Elizabeth Close for an online virtual experience. This pre-recorded session includes an introduction to Tarnanthi an exhibition showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art from across the country as well as a hands on making activity based on the work of Walmajarri artist John Prince Siddon.

Duration: 60min

Suitable for Year 2 - Year 6 students


Available to all schools located anywhere in the world.

What schools need to provide

  • Video screen/stable internet connection
  • Speaker
  • Drawing materials for the workshop (pastels, textas, pencils, crayons etc)

What do teachers need to do prior to session?

  • Register your details below - a video link will be sent to you.
  • Download the boab template here. These will need to be copied onto A3 white cardboard.
  • Complete some pre-workshop learning with the class - watch parts of the Tarnanthi 2021 Launch (perhaps some of the music performances). See resources below.
  • Ensure students have all materials required.

After your session

  • You may like to extend your experience of Tarnanthi by using the Matterport and explore the exhibition virtually. There are also Children's Trails you can use in your classroom alongside with the Matterport.
  • Email photos from your session or examples of student work - we love to see what students make!

Watch the Tarnanthi 2021 Virtual Launch with your students