Grab yourself a wine and cheese and explore Beatrice by Julia Robinson with Curator of Contemporary Art, Leigh Robb and Exhibition Project Officer Erin Davidson.

This session includes:

  • Pre recorded presentation with Leigh Robb and Erin Davidson
  • Guided activity in response Beatrice with Education Officer, Kylie Neagle
  • Suggested playlist to listen to while you make, curated by Julia Robinson
  • Recommended podcast list
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Julia Robinson Education resource
  • Q&A with Julia Robinson created for Neo
  • Professional learning certificate

You will need:

  • Reference images of animals, plants etc
  • Paper and pencil
  • Scrap textiles, fabric, beads..etc
  • Needle and thread
  • Plasticine or clay (optional if you do not have fabrics etc)
  • You can also download a monster playlist, curated by Julia Robinson, which you may like to play during the making session, see below.

Podcast recommendations from Julia

  1. Lore
  2. Fair Folk Podcast
  3. The Anthropocene Reviewed
  4. The Folklore Podcast

Pre recorded presentation

Below the pre recorded presentation are some other resources to support this learning and provide you with some ideas to use in the classroom with your students.

Julia Robinson with her work Beatrice, 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; photo: Saul Steed.

Playlist curated by Julia Robinson

Listen to a selection of tunes while you create a hybrid sculpture

detail: Julia Robinson, Australia, 1981, Beatrice, 2019–20, Adelaide, silk, thread, felt, steel, brass, gold-plated copper, foam, cardboard, pins, fixings, dimensions variable; © Julia Robinson/Hugo Michell Gallery.

Monstrous Mashup created for our teen program Neo

Learn more about the making of Beatrice with Q&A with Julia Robinson

Julia Robinson, Australia, born 1981, Beatrice, 2020, Adelaide, silk, thread, felt, steel, brass, gold-plated copper, foam, cardboard, pins, fixings, 300.0 x 380.0 x 270.0 cm (dimensions variable); Gift of Helen Bowden, John and Jane Ayers, Colin and Robyn Cowan, James Darling AM, Lesley Forwood, Rick and Jan Frolich, Julian and Stephanie Grose, Stephen and Brigitte Lane with support from the Art Gallery of South Australia Contemporary Collectors through the Biennial Ambassadors Program 2020, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, © Courtesy the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery.

Julia Robinson Education Resource

Making and responding activities for all year levels

installation view: 2020 Adelaide Biennial of a Australian Art: Monster Theatres featuring Beatrice by Julia Robinson, Santos Museum of Economic Botany; photo: Saul Steed.

Educator Connect PowerPoint Presentation

Quiz questions, work in progress photographs and making and responding activities.