Year 9 students responded to Pure Form: Japanese Sculptural Ceramics, an exhibition that was on display in 2022 at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The works of art in this exhibition were great examples of the elements line, shape, space and texture, within sculptural forms. The students' aim was to create works of art that were aesthetically pleasing rather than focus on the functionality of their creations. This resulted in a student exhibition that represented the Elements and Principles of Art in their Purest Form.

The students' response to this exhibition included sculpture, photography and textile dying. As a starting point, students were presented with a cardboard box and asked to de-construct and then re-construct that box, until it no longer represented a recognisable object. They then used photography to capture the contrasting light and shade of their sculptures. Using the Japanese Shibori tie dye technique students then created their own textile design in a range of different colours, focussing on basic art elements.

Through the creation of this body of work, students were asked to apply the principles of art in their decision making including composition, balance, harmony, contrast, rhythm and movement. - Coral Winterbourn, Head of Art