Landscapes inspired by Clarice Beckett

Year 4 students at West Lakes Shore School have been responding to the work of Clarice Beckett, who depicted everyday views of her local environment including transient subjects such as moving cars, trams, lone figures, waves and shadows. Becektt's misty paintings of modern Melbourne in the 1920s and 1930s captured the outdoors, including sea and beachscapes, and suburban street scenes, that often recorded the shifting effects of light– either in the quiet, early morning or in the stillness of the evening.

Inspired by their own favourite landscapes, students captured their scene on aluminium foil with textas. They then sprayed water onto the drawing before taking a mono print of the distorted image with a piece of paper. The dissolving of form creates a feeling of recessive space and distance, like Beckett achieved in her smoky or blurred representations.