Inspired by Andy Warhol's photographs of influential people

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an American artist most commonly associated with the Pop Art movement which emerged in the 1950s in Britain and America. From the beginning of Warhol’s career, photographs became an important source material and were used by the artist as the basis of his paintings and screenprints. Warhol took his camera everywhere; it was a constant presence in private and social situations, where he captured his friends and celebrities in candid moments with a ‘snapshot’ aesthetic.

Year 3 students have been looking at the work of Andy Warhol - in particular his photographs of famous people, people he knew - but who were they? We decided to use his portrait of David Hockney as a starting point and began to find out more about Hockney. Students learnt that he was an influential British artist, know for his paintings and later his digital art. We also focused on some visual convention cards in AGSA's Art School in a Box, in particular 'still life'.

Students used the app Brushes Redux to digitally draw a flower still life. They chose from a selection of images to recreate the drawing. They then used layers to build up colour, line and shape and add their own flare to their composition. We also watched a video of Hockney talking about his art work and David Hockney - Facts for Kids. The students spent a lesson exploring the app and experimenting with layers. They shared successes, tips and hacks by giving each other mini tutorials. When the students were finished they turned off the photograph image later so only their work of art remained.

- Sharon Lynch, Visual Art Coordinator, Immanuel Primary School

Year 3 Digital drawing - Immanuel Primary School

Year 3 Digital drawing - Immanuel Primary School