Maningrida, NT

Bábbarra Women’s Centre has a proud history of positive social impact by supporting the livelihoods of Aboriginal women in Maningrida and on surrounding homelands.

Bábbarra Designs is our main enterprise, where women and leading designers across various language groups in the region work together to create textiles rich with cultural meaning and stories. We specialise in the production of hand-printed linocut fabric, screen-printed yardage and we have a sewing and manufacturing space. We are one of only a few Indigenous textile-producing art centres in Australia that design, print and sew product on site, in community.

We are governed by women for women, led by the strong voices of our Bábbarra Women’s Board.

Bábbarra Designs specialises in screen-printed and hand-printed linocut textiles rich with cultural meaning and stories, designed and produced on site in community.