To think that Timo Hogan paints a picture is not to see the bigger picture. The acclaimed artist reads Lake Baker like we read an exhilarating novel because, for him, the story is written in the landscape.

As artist–narrator, Hogan describes the drama in big, bold, beautifully flowing sentences of stirring characters and complex relationships, whose motives and movements are on full display and whose fate was written at the beginning of time. The very earth you stand on at Lake Baker was formed through their movements. Lake Baker is truly alive.

Presented by SALON Art Projects in association with Spinifex Arts Project


Timo Hogan
Pitjantjatjara people, Western Australia/South Australia

Special events

Opening event
Fri 20 Oct, 3.30pm


Wheelchair accessible, accessible toilets, lift

Presenting partners
  • Salon Art Projects
  • Spinifex Arts Project