Multidisciplinary artist James Tylor presents a new body of hand-carved Kaurna objects in his solo exhibition Mudlirna. An artist of diverse Nunga (Kaurna Miyurna), Māori (Te Arawa) and European heritage, Tylor utilises his practice to celebrate the rich culture and design of the Kaurna community in the Kaurna Meyunna Yerta region of South Australia.

This exhibition also addresses issues surrounding how Kaurna culture has been represented in museums and galleries by non-Indigenous individuals in the past. By viewing the Kaurna people and their art through a western lens, racial stereotypes have been perpetuated and Kaurna culture has not been properly acknowledged.


James Tylor
Kaurna people, South Australia, and Te Arawa people, New Zealand


Wheelchair accessible

Presenting partner
  • JamFactory