Tarnanthi Exhibition

Desart is the peak body that represents the interests of forty-one Aboriginal art centres in Central Australia. The Desart Aboriginal Art Workers Program provides training, mentoring and skill development in arts administration, curation, and creative presentation and documentation of art-centre activities.

Initiated in 2012, the Desart Art Worker Photography Prize grew from technical training workshops in photography as a means to encourage artistic outcomes. The 2015 Prize features a selection of photography drawn from the past four years, created and curated by Aboriginal art workers.

A complimentary focus exhibition – Nyanganyi Kuru Nganampangku (Seeing Our Stories Through Our Eyes) – features a suite of prints created at a 2015 Desart printmaking workshop held at Cicada Press, the University of New South Wales.

The 2015 Desart Photography Prize is curated by Desart Aboriginal Art Workers Robert Fielding, Unrupa Rhonda Dick, Marisa Maher, Rosina Ryder and Rhonda Plummer, led by Assistant Curator of TARNANTHI, Coby Edgar.


Shirley Adamson, Miriam Charlie, Hayley Coulthard Panangka, Lousie Daniels, Rhonda Unrupa Dick, Brenda Douglas, Robert Punnagka Fielding, David Frank, Anastine Ken, Serena Ken, Sharon Ken, Estelle Mick, Levina Morton, Christine Multa, Vincent Namatjira, Anita Pan, Kristabel Porter, Josina Pumani, Mara Shannon, B. Wampadi, Pauline Wangin, Sam Williams and Melvina Young

Nyakuntjaku (Have a Look): Desart Art Worker Photography Prize 2012-15 is presented in partnership with the Government of South Australia and the State Library of South Australia.