A volunteer collective of change makers and great conversationalists

Vanguards are a volunteer collective of change makers and great conversationalists.

What is the Vanguard?

In 2022, the Art Gallery of South Australia began building a collective of young people, aged between 20 – 30 years old, to engage in a 12 week training program that focuses on contemporary art and its intersections with social justice, diversity and the environment.

Once training was completed, this volunteer collective, ‘the Vanguard’, began sharing ideas and knowledge of art with the general public, touring on topics and areas of interest to you, artists and audiences while facilitating conversations about art.

How can I join a Vanguard experience?

Vanguard tours are free to attend at our monthly First Friday events as 5pm & 7pm, alongside additional offerings throughout the year. Check out upcoming opportunities to join a Vanguard experience below.

Who are the current Vanguards?

Manhei Ma, Alice Saltmarsh, Shem Fisher, Jazmine Deng, Charlie O'Rielley, Theo Warner, Nicole Chan, Morgan Rose Glancey, Ellie Maiorana, Lia Karbatsos, Kaitlyn Davison, Ada Rovai, Ashleigh Keller, Alexandra Burgess, Amy Fischli, Georgina Smerd, Penny Mantis, Kar Kheng Gan, Sarah Jackson, Angela Suriyasenee, Molly Hennekam, Anna O'Brien, Roberta Bonomi, Sophie Heath

How do I become a Vanguard?

Explore the application process

Meet the Vanguards of AGSA

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Introducing the Vanguard

Education Officer Kylie Neagle introduces the Vanguard