Explore place, colour and pattern

Featured in this iteration of The Studio is Tarnanthi artist John Prince Siddon. Prince is a Walmajarri artist who works with one of Australia’s most experimental art centres – Mangkaja Arts in Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia.

Prince began painting in 2009 and he likes to paint on different surfaces - from boab nuts to bullock skulls. His work responds to both local and world events which he combines with the ancestral stories of his desert homeland.

Art lovers of all ages will create their own boab sculpture and cover it in designs inspired by the things that matter to them most. These designs may take their cue from the bold and psychedelic patterns made by John Prince Siddon.

For Schools

The Studio is open weekdays during school term for a free facilitated and session, all materials provided.

Create your own sculpture

Using the boab nut template, take inspiration from Princes’ bold patterns to create your own colourful designs inspired by what matters to you most. You might draw inspiration from your favourite animal or the patterns you see in nature or where you live.

Step 1

Select colours from nature and a favourite animal.

Step 2

Draw your designs, you can be completely random with these. We have used oil pastels but you can use pencils or textas too!

Step 3

Cut out your designs and slot them into one another and your boab nut design is complete.

Presented by
  • James and Diana Ramsay Foundation