You will need

  • 2 paper cups (or cardboard roll or small cardboard box)
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Materials to place inside your maraca to make a rattling sound, you could use beads, stones, gum nuts, old buttons or paperclips.
  • Collage templates or paper and coloured pencils or textas for drawing your monster's eyes noses, mouth, legs and arms.
  • Coloured paper scraps or old magazine pages or recycled wrapping paper to make interesting monster scales and skin.

To make your monster

  1. Place the rattling sound making materials inside your cup or box and tape together to seal the materials inside.
  2. Draw or collage your monster features. Glue your features to your maraca.
  3. If you have coloured paper you may like to cut, curl, fold and fringe to make interesting 3D monster textures.

Your Monster Maraca is complete!

Pretend you are a monster rustling through the jungle. Play some music and join in with some monster rhythm and beats!