Make your own monstrous video portraits through the art of datamoshing.

About the workshop

Artist Jess Taylor will give you a crash course in monstrous technology, illuminating what a monster is and how we can embrace the monster within through misguided technology. She'll then guide you step by step through the process of datamoshing your own videos, birthing pixelated, abstract monsters, terrible collapsing doubles, and uncanny technological spectres.

What you'll need

  • Download the program Avidemux
  • Have a video player such as Media Player Classic on hand
  • A laptop/PC
  • A device to record videos on
  • Watch the tutorial below! (If you want to get straight stuck into things, jump to 8:51 in the video)

Share you monstrous creations with us!

@agsa.neo #monstrousneo #agsaneo

Find inspiration for your glitch artwork in Monster Theatres artist Polly Borland's abstracted portraiture!

Polly Borland (b.1959, Melbourne) made her name in the 1980s and '90s in editorial and portrait photography. Since 2001 Borland has concentrated her practice on extensive photographic series which explore perceptions of beauty and difference through outsider subjects, concealed sitters, props, lighting and illusion to create abstracted, hybrid human forms.

Jess Taylor is an early career artist whose practice explores her fascination with fictional horror through primarily digital methods of making. Within the broader realm of horror, Taylor has a particular interest in monsters, voyeurism, and depictions of female brutality, sadism, and masochism.