In today’s screen-centric world, a conflation between the private and global occurs. CnN5D+YUNpy considers modern screen technology and the history of mechanical looms as the first ‘programmed’ image compiled from discrete units. Made from vat-dyed cotton woven in the US on a mechanical loom, CnN5D+YUNpy includes an electroluminescent wire that appears to be carrying signals and data across the surface of the work. Ry David Bradley’s pressing concern is how stories from the digital generation will be passed down through time. He intends for the work ‘To serve as a lasting screen memory of life in 2018’.

Ry David Bradley studied New Media Video and Internet Art in the early 2000s, believing it was the medium of his generation. Due to concerns about its longevity and accessibility, he shifted his focus to painting as a medium that does not require power or software and will not become outdated or inaccessible through upgrades.