Born Miwirnbi, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory 1980

Djowinge moiety and Djinang people, Northern Territory

Lives and works Maningrida, Northern Territory

Represented by Maningrida Arts & Culture, Maningrida, Northern Territory

Serena Bonson has become known for her striking carvings in stringybark painted in black and white to depict the Wangarra spirits. The Wangarra play a key role in the stories of Bonson’s community relating to death, birth and the transition of the spirit into the afterlife, and in rebirth. They are considered indicative of ancestral beings and deeply connected to the waterholes that are central to the stories of the clan and their connections to land. Her heritage is of Djowinge moiety, the Djinang language group and she is part of the Murrungun clan.