As the bells are struck, their tones are contoured by the environment around them, allowing a unique sense-reading of place to occur, one that is auditory and expands beyond the limited horizon of vision, opening opportunities for new ways of knowing place.
Lawrence English

Join us across two nights for a sounding of bells that commences with the ringing of a newly forged bell by master bell maker, Anton Hasell followed by a chorus of handbell musicians playing on the steps of AGSA and the surrounding city churches and Adelaide Town Hall bell towers ringing.


Adelaide City Town Hall
Scots Church
St. Peters Cathedral
Trinity Church

With special thanks to Jill Leinert, Duncan Ward, David Bleby, Ali O'Connell and Gabriella Smart

Lawrence English Proximities invites you to bring your own bell and participate.

There are multiple ways to participate:

  1. Come along to AGSA on Friday 1 or Saturday 2 March 2024 with your own handbell and become a part of Proximities.
  2. Ring from home, use your own bell and perform in your own home.
  3. Donate a handbell. Send us your handbell with the story of why you have it, this will give someone else the chance to participate. These will be used and we cannot facilitate the return of your handbell.

    Send your package to:
    Project Manager Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
    Art Gallery of South Australia
    North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000

    You can also drop your handbell off at the Atrium Information Desk addressed to the above.

For any further queries, please email