Looking at line in a new way

A line is a mark that spans a distance between two points. A line can be thick, thin, straight or curved. It can also change direction or overlap with other lines and be zigzagged and cross-hatched.


Photograph as many lines as you can find in your environment.


Using a sheet of lined writing paper, add marks to each line on the paper so they are all different in some way. How many ways can you vary your mark making?

Create a detailed line design. Experiment with different types of line – thick, thin, wavy, straight. How close or far apart can you make your lines? Use cross-hatching techniques or experiment with other ways of overlapping lines. Make your work of art as unique as your own fingerprint so that it cannot be counterfeited or copied by anyone else.

Using seven lines, create a portrait of a classmate, and then five lines and then three lines.

Image: Thomas Readett

Without taking your pencil off the paper, draw a self-portrait using continuous line drawing. For an added challenge, create a continuous line drawing without looking at the paper.

Image: Thomas Readett

Treasure Hunt search for 5 works with lines