Explore deities and gods in Asian art such as Pangu, Ba Trieu, Hanuman, Krishna, in this hands-on workshop with artist Truc Truong. Students will discuss what Gods are responsible for in different parts of the world and look and discover more about spirituality in Asian art. Students will design their own talisman for a friend, family member or themselves that will protect them and give them good luck.

Year 3 - 6

90 minutes + 15min break

All materials provided

Class groups of 30

$350 per class group, $270 per class group equity or country

What schools need to provide:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Waterpots
  • Smocks for students
  • Access to Smartboard or projector, laptop with USB port

We encourage teachers to participate in the workshop however the teacher is responsible for duty of care and behaviour management of the class and must be present for the duration of the session.

Available to schools within 50km radius of CBD, if your school is located outside of this limit please request a booking to discuss.

Please send through a booking request with your preferred dates and times.

Image of Truc Truong’s solo exhibition at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (NSW)

Hai Con Lan Viet Kieu 2021, Photo by Dylan Goh

Artist bio

Truc Truong is an artist and designer working on Peramangk and Kaurna Land. As a multidisciplinary creative, Truc is currently engaged with post-colonial theories adapted into her own experience of being a second-generation Vietnamese Australian. Truc’s work often uses humour and uncommon materials to construct new ways of understanding and contributing to the world of art, health and well-being.