Recorded as part of the 'Stepping Outside of the Classroom' in 2023. This was a series of online professional learning for educators that highlights the Outreach Education program. The Outreach Education program is a collaboration between the Department for Education and South Australia’s key cultural organisations providing students with learning environments, experiences and curriculum-aligned resources as well as professional learning opportunities for teachers - unlocking the unique collections, exhibitions, performances, resources, and expertise they hold.

The 90minute recording below is ideal for those who are new to the Art Gallery of South Australia, pre-service or early career teachers, particularly those who are not art trained. Discover what a visit to the Gallery could look for you and your students, including workshops, tours and outreach opportunities. AGSA offers PD for teachers, experience a taster of the popular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art in the Classroom and learn how to respond to works of art by First Nation artists in a culturally appropriate and meaningful way.

For this session you will need: coloured paper, glue stick and scissors.

We have also collated all the resources and activities mentioned in the presentation in one Padlet including your professional development certificate.