Symbolism in art inspired by Margaret Dodd and Reko Rennie

Margaret Dodd's avant-garde ceramic Holden sculptures and Reko Rennie's painted Rolls-Royce with a camouflage pattern in bright and bold colours featured in OA_RR were the starting point for a Year 10 Visual Art unit on symbolism.

Students explored symbolism used in art to convey ideas of social commentary. After conducting artist studies on both Margaret Dodd and Reko Rennie, students completed sketches of classic cars, explored the medium of clay and learnt art vocabulary such as symbolism, proportion, sculpture (in the round) scale and artist. Using both subtractive and additive clay building techniques students created a whimsical ceramic vehicle that represented their personality.

Excursion to AGSA & folio work in progress

Tips for teachers

Use the AGSA Art School in a Box to plan your next art lesson or download our resource on Reko Rennie to learn more about his work.