Pop culture prints inspired by Brian Robinson

Kala Lagaw Ya and Wuthathi artist Brian Robinson grew up on Waiben (Thursday Island) in the Torres Strait with Maluyligal and Wuthathi cultural heritage, combining traditional mark making and patterns from his culture with references to his favourite pop culture movies and comics. He is a multi-skilled contemporary artist, working in diverse media, including printmaking, sculpture and public art.

'Monoprints inspired by my favourite things'

Year 5 students from West Lakes Shore School brainstormed a list of all of their favourite things, places and people. They created a drawing of a place that was of significance to them (the beach, a family holiday spot, a place they would like to travel to) and they added patterns to their scene that were relevant to their own lives. This included patterns from tiles in their bathroom, quilt covers, favourite clothing, crockery etc. Students transferred their patterned scene to A4 printing foam with lead pencil, before using foam graters and black acrylic paint to make monoprints. Students then copied, printed and cut out images of their favourite things and pop culture icons and finally embellished their mono print with a paper sculpture.

Photo: Brian Robinson , Marking Memories workshop activity.

Photo: West Lakes Shore School.

Photo: West Lakes Shore School.