Year 5 and 6 students recently responded to Human human - cloisonné bust 3 by Ah Xian in AGSA's permanent collection.

We looked at the cloisonné technique and discussed Xian’s process of using friends and family to make porcelain bust casts and combining these with symbols of personal significance.

Students wore lightly coloured t-shirts over their uniform to provide a clear canvas for the photograph in which they posed for their photo with their eyes closed and a calm expression. Students found images of things personal to them; birthstones, birth flowers or cultural flags to overlay their image with.

They used apps ‘PicCollage’ and ‘Snapseed’ to remove backgrounds and used a double exposure feature to add the personal symbol over their own photo, altering the transparency and style to get their desired result.

Lisa Zappa | Art Teacher | West Lakes Shore School