Year 4 students from West Lakes Shore School have created digital drawings inspired by Walmajarri elder and artist Nyangulya Katie Nalgood. The students chose birds that are in their community or have a special meaning to them and then used iPads and the "Sketches" app to draw their birds. 

Nyangulya Katie Nalgood has a deep connection to birds. Rather than relying on clocks, her days align with nature and the sounds of birds, not alarms. When she was a school student, Nalgood painted pictures of houses, trees, and animals, now she paints birds. When she started painting birds Nalgood worked with her children, who would help her draw the birds and give her advice. These days she works on her own, painting birds from her Country and anywhere else she goes.

Extension Activity

When students finished their digital drawing they had an opportunity to use Dream Wombo to create an AI bird. The students had to include prompts of the bird name and the bird doing something particular ie " kingfisher bird swooping down to catch small fish".