Fabric collages inspired by Pierre Mukeba

Year 4 and 5 students at Colonel Lights Gardens Primary School explored many of the artists featured in the Adelaide Biennial 2020: Monster Theatres exhibition, in particular the work of South Australian artist Pierre Mukeba, who channels his observations and experiences of early life in central Africa into distinctive textile-based works.

Considering these themes explored by Mukeba, the students created mixed media collages which depicted their own early childhood memory. The students first practiced continuous line drawing, using their dominant and non-dominant hands, creating portraits of their friends. They then designed a simple drawing of their memory, learning art terms such as background, foreground and focal point. Students painted their calico background and then used different coloured and textured fabrics to recreate their memory in a collage. - Art Teacher Michelle Bawden

I learnt creating this artwork that fabric can be used as art
Kalina, Year 4
I learnt to add detail with fabric and all the good art practices took ages to master
Ella, Year 4