Year 2 students created a mutant plant sculpture in response to Yayoi Kusama. Students investigated Kusama, identifying key features of her work and we soon became focussed on key words shape, colour and emphasis. We read Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity book and watched the following videos on about Kusama:

Students created their sculptures using Magic Clay of two contrasting colours. Tip: Plasticine or play dough could also be used.

When the sculptures were complete the children placed their work in our makeshift “infinity room”. Many children had visited the Yayoi Kusama infinity room exhibition at AGSA and were able to draw connections between this visit. To take this project further we could also look at science connections with relation to reflection and light.

Sharon Lynch | Visual Arts Coordinator | Immanual Primary School

To find out more about Kusama, see the Eduaction Resource created by QAGOMA.

Year 2 Immanuel Primary School