Place made
copper engraving; engraving on paper
52.0 x 89.0 cm
Credit line
South Australian Government Grant 1971
Accession number
Signature and date
Inscribed top c., ink "扬威将军长龄 恭贺大臣 杨遇春 武隆阿 奏报大兵克复喀什噶尔 搜捕逆酋 诗以誌事 王师压境尚支撑 恃彼河干辟垒营 潜渡上游探厥穴 环攻立下醜回城 将捦复遁真堪恨 逆族邮传缧絏牢 严谕丞申务追获 除根勿任远方逃 己丑新正 御筆" translates to "The Yangwei General Changling congratulated the ministers Yang Yuchun and Wu Long'a and reported that the army had conquered Kaschgar and hunted down the rebels. This poem was written to record the history. The emperor's army pressed hard and the enemy barely resisted. The enemy set up a fort on the other side of the river bank. The emperor's army sneaked across the upper reaches to reconnoitre. The army surrounded and attacked the enemy, and won immediately, and the enemy fled back to the city. It was hateful when the enemy was almost caught but got away. The captures were sent to the prison under close surveillance. The prime minister ordered the army to pursue the rest, to eradicate the roots and prevent the enemy from escaping. Written by the Emperor during the [Chinese] new year of 1829." Sealed, l.r., "安详淡静" translates to "peace and serenity"; "检斋之宝" translates to "the treasure of the House of (self-) Restraint".
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Asian art - China