Numbulwar, NT

Built on self-determination, Numbulwar Numburindi Arts (NNA) is a collective of artists whose mission is to keep culture strong. Established in 2019, NNA is Numbulwar’s first art centre and is 100 per cent owned and controlled by the community. It is a space for artistic and cultural expression, born from the community’s desire to practise and engage with traditional culture.

NNA artists are champions of fibre art, marrying naturally dyed and locally harvested pandanus with bright and bold ghost nets, the abandoned fishing lines and nets retrieved from Numbulwar’s shoreline. Our wulbung (baskets) and yir (dillybags) fit as naturally in traditional applications as they do in contemporary urban environments.

Numbulwar sits on the Rose River and belongs to the Nunggayinbala clan, one of the Wubuy or Nunggubuyu-speaking clans from the region. Ceremonial activities are very important in the region and occur regularly.

Numbulwar Numburindi artists are champions of fibre art, weaving baskets and bags from naturally dyed pandanus and from bright ghost nets retrieved from Numbulwar’s shoreline.