Tarnanthi Exhibition

Kondoli: the Keeper of Fire is a sculpture of a southern right whale woven entirely from freshwater rushes. Kondoli (Whale) was a strong man with the ability to make fire. This magnificent work, which immortalises the story of the Kondoli, measures more than four metres in length. The fins, mouth and eyes are delicately woven using the elegance of open-weaved lace technique. The woven sculpture is a testament to the technique, adaptability and endurance of Ngarrindjeri weaving, which is important in the preservation of cultural practices for posterity.


Aunty Ellen Trevorrow, Bruce Trevorrow, Jelina Haines, Bessie Rigney, Luke Trevorrow

Special events

Weaving workshop
Sun 20 Oct, time TBC

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Wheelchair accessible, lifts, accessible toilets

Presenting partner
  • South Australian Museum