Tarnanthi Exhibition

Through diverse art forms, Aṉangu artists tell the Tjukurpa stories (ancestral creation stories) connected to the Kutjanu area of the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. Their large-scale collaborative paintings, dramatic works on paper and tjanpi (grass) sculptures were created on country at an ‘outdoor studio’ during a week-long trip to important Tjukurpa sites. The intergenerational project through Ninuku Arts was also a major opportunity to extend younger people’s cultural learning and responsibilities. The exhibition includes a documentary video shot during the excursion.


Roma Butler, Selinda Davidson, Jimmy Donegan, Margaret Donegan, Melissa Donegan, Ruth Fatt, Tanisha Fox, Yangi Yangi Fox, Josephine Mick, David Miller, Janice Miller, Judy Miller, Molly Miller, Sammy Miller, Samuel Miller, Thomas Yamungara Murray, Angkaliya Nelson, Anyupa Nelson, Jennifer Mintaya Ward, Angela Watson, Monica Watson, Nyanu Watson, Rita Watson, Carol Amani Young

Video by

Meghan Hansen

Special events

Artists reception
Wed 16 Oct, 5pm


Wheelchair accessible, lifts

Presenting partner
  • Adelaide College of the Arts