The Tjukurpa I mark in clay and paint was passed down to me through my father. My father’s country, my country, is around Kintore and Kiwirrkura in the Northern Territory. I’ve gone home! I’ve followed my father’s footsteps back to his country to Ilpili, Walungurru, Ininti, Kiwirrkura, Wilkinkarra and Yumari. Now I’m going to tell that Tjukurpa.
Pepai Jangala Carroll

In Pepai Jangala Carroll’s body of work Ngayulu anu ngayuku mamaku ngurakutu, the artist has retraced his father’s story, reconnecting with his homeland. Translating as ‘I went home to my father’s country’, the exhibition summons notions of personal heritage and belonging. Carroll travelled back to his custodial country in April 2017, having left this region as a 19-year-old after his parents passed away.

Ngayulu anu ngayuku mamaku ngurakutu / I went home to my father’s country is presented in partnership with Hugo Michell Gallery