Next Matriarch hosts a conversation between seven First Nations women who represent the next wave of sovereign female voices in Australian contemporary art. Each artist draws upon stories of their ancestors, while at the same time constructing future imaginings of the black matriarchal figure. In doing so, they not only critique the colonial legacies that continue to impact on sovereign women but also, crucially, redefine physical, creative and intellectual spaces by placing female voices at the fore. Next Matriarch is a celebration of resilience, solidarity and enduring sisterhood.

Next Matriarch is co-curated by Yorta Yorta woman Kimberley Moulton and Liz Nowell


Ali Gumillya Baker, Paola Balla, Hannah Brontë, Miriam Charlie, Amrita Hepi, Nicole Monks, Kaylene Whiskey

Next Matriarch is presented in partnership with ACE Open