Solomon Kammer is an artist based in Tarntanya (Adelaide) whose practice interrogates the relationship women have with their bodies. Perpetuity is an exploration of consent, coercion, and trauma.

Some years ago, Kammer started noticing subtle changes in her body. It seemed everything she once knew how to do had suddenly been forgotten or changed. In pursuit of a diagnosis, Kammer recorded 127 symptoms over three years, and was injected, scanned, poked, prodded, watched, penetrated, and was persuaded that the unwellness was in her mind. Kammer felt an uncomfortable parallel between the complex emotions she experienced during this time, and past experiences of sexual abuse.

Solomon Kammer is represented by Yavuz Gallery Sydney and Singapore.

Solomon Kammer, born Adelaide 1991, Perpetuity, 2020, Richmond, South Australia, oil on canvas, 108.0 x 160.0 cm; Courtesy of the artist and Yavuz Gallery, Singapore & Sydney, © Solomon Kammer.