Based on Ngunnawal/Ngambri Country (Canberra), Lisa Sammut works in sculpture, video and installation. Her playful and poetic works oscillate between themes of cosmic perspective, belief and time. I just don’t think that way is a time-based installation where earthly objects, photography and moving images combine to explore otherworldliness. Drawing on the nonhuman and natural world, Sammut presents a stage-like assemblage of minerals, plant life and astral forms. Using paper cut-outs at human scale, the video’s gentle sway is reminiscent of seismic shifts or natural surges, breaking down the barriers between the digital and the handmade.

Looking earthward, Sammut explores visible material elements to form new philosophical perspectives. This installation draws attention to the shared experience of time, and seeks to connect us with the unknown. Mirroring the behaviour of the natural world, I just don’t think that way aims to de-centre the viewer and facilitate self-reflection.