Turn your treasures into a work of art for a storyscape fantasy world.

South Australian artist Jasmine Crisp uses traditional painting techniques to produce narrative-fuelled imagery from personal life experiences. Crisp's unique painting language is carried into her public art practice in the form of brush painted large scale murals, in Adelaide, across South Australia and interstate, and for the first time onto the interior space of The Studio.

Crisp's maximalist imagery incorporates symbolic storytelling using portraiture in combination with objects and environments to form both real and reimagined worlds. She is fascinated with the relationships between people and their belongings. Crisp's paintings are inspired by ideas about how objects and places are treasured, valued, and used in self-adornment and identification.

What objects do you treasure?

Visitors are encouraged to think of the things that they treasure most and to create their own version to be added to Jasmine's hand painted fantasy world. Portraits of these treasures will become part of The Studio storyscape.

For Schools

The Studio is open weekdays during school term for a free facilitated session, all materials provided.

Presented by

  • James and Diana Ramsay Foundation